WHAA Aides

WHAA wants to introduce some of the aides who assist at our school in many different ways. Thank you to all the aides. 


Mrs. Dorsett: The students enjoy being around Mrs. Dorsett. She helps out where needed and will assist in Mrs. Shepherds K-1 and Mrs. Turner's 5-6 classrooms as needed.


Ms. Nikki: She does well with the sound system when students need to practice and prepare for a school program at the church.  Ms. Nikki will also assist in Mrs. Turner's 5-6 classroom as needed. 


Mr. Delcy: He comes to help out occasionally in the lower grades in Mrs. Shepherd's K-1 classroom. 


Ms. Victoria: She has recently joined the school and does well being able to translate for some of our parents who have a difficult time speaking English. She also helps monitor students during Spanish class in grades 2-5 and 6-8. 


Mrs. Miranda: She is our Physical Education and Spanish teacher. During Spanish class she also incorporates American Sign Language. The students really enjoy being able to do P.E. twice a week at school.